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KUA Playing for a Cure

October 25th, 2010

Kimball Union Academy hosted it’s Annual “Playing for a Cure” Day during Homecoming this past weekend.  In an effort to increase Breast Cancer Awareness, all KUA teams were outfitted in the pink uniforms you see below.  Many teams went further by adding pink socks, shoelaces, headbands and facepaint.  T-Shirts were available for a small donation.

Some player wrote on their jerseys, the names of breast cancer survivors that they knew.  Kaitie added Betsey Mayer’s name to a stripe of pink tape on her back.  It was a great weekend with a win by the Girls Varsity Soccer Team over Proctor Academy.

Playing for a Cure

Kaitie honors Betsey Mayer for her strength in battling breast cancer.

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