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The Patriots are going to the Superbowl!!!

January 23rd, 2012 Comments off
Family at Gillette Stadium

Maggie, Kaitie and I at the Patriots playoff game against the Ravens

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Mountain Top Inn & Resort Ponies!!

August 29th, 2011 1 comment

These are a few of the ponies Kaitie worked with this summer. If you know their names, leave a comment by clicking the button above this post and I’ll add them to each photo.

2011 Mountain Top Inn & Resort Ponies

These are some of the “ponies” Kaitie worked with this summer. I don't know the names, but send me a note if you know them and I'll add the names

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Kaitie’s Knee Update

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

Kaitie’s surgery went well last week. In and Out of the DHMC Outpatient Surgical Center in 6 hours. We spent a night in White River after Kaitie’s surgery as we had to return to DHMC the next day. She has some cool tech in her knee. Two devices hold her harvested hamstring tendons (2). Folded up for grafting, the hamstrings are 9mm in diameter. As large as a graft for a full grown man. Holding the top in the Femur is a Stratis Femoral Fixation Device. In the Tibia, a BioIntrafix Tapered Screw holds the 4 hamstring ends tight. Both devices are made of bioabsorbable polymers.  Dr. Carr used two stitches to repair Kaitie’s torn medial meniscus near the outer edge of the posterior horn.

Kaitie’s on crutches, which she hates more than anything.  Probably 3.5 weeks left on them.  She’s actively working at her physical therapy.  We take her to DHMC Rehab Medicine Center two times a week.  Daily, she goes to the trainers office at KUA for supervised physical therapy.  The training staff at KUA has been excellent.  Kaitie’s path to return to full sports activity will take six months.  A guide to what takes place during that time frame can be found here.  Dr. Carr performed the repair on Kaitie’s knee last winter and he was engaged to do this work as well.  Kaitie’s in good company when you look at some of Dr. Carr’s patients.

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