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Like My Hat??

March 21st, 2010 Comments off
Like My Hat??

KUA Soccer

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Surgical Follow Up

February 10th, 2010 Comments off
Left Hand, no bandage

Right after bandage removal

Went to Dartmouth this morning.  The techs removed Kaitie’s cast and bandages.  It’s swollen but not bad at all.  A quick trip for some X-Rays and back to get the stitches out.   That made Kaitie a little queasy but just for a few seconds. 

Dr. Warhold reviewed the X-Rays with us.  The screws are holding well and the fractures are still very well aligned.  Finger motion is limited due to stiffness but no scissoring.  All good news. 

Stitch Removal

Back from X-Ray & Stitches coming out!!

Next step …. Not a cast!!!  A custom made splint that’s removable!!  During the fabrication of the splint, the Hand Therapist went over Kaitie’s exercises and gave her a goal to reach by her follow up on Feb 24th.  She has to touch her fingers to her palm.  Right now she can hardly bend her fingers at all.  She has some work ahead of her.  

Removable Splint

Custom Molded Removable Splint

So she’s restricted still.  No contacts sports or running.  She can use the BowFlex for her legs and the stationary bicycle.  Not the treadmill….what if she falls?  Doctor’s orders.  

Thanks to everyone that has left comments and Get Well notes.  Special Thanks to the the teachers that have accomodated Kaitie’s abscences for surgery and appointments.  

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Classic Before and After Photos

January 30th, 2010 Comments off
This is BEFORE……………………………………….This is AFTER.
X-Ray taken at Killington Mtn Clinic

Three breaks, displaced, spiral, and very unstable.(Click to Enlarge)

seven screws

Seven Screws from Dartmouth Medical Center.(Click to Enlarge)

Arrived at Dartmouth @ 5:30AM on Friday after spending the night in WRJ.  We waited maybe 15 minutes before they took Kaitie in to be prepped.  We asked for and received the resident IV expert.  First try and it was in.  No problem.  We discussed the options for anesthesia and settled on a nerve block.  Ken had one for his carpal tunnel surgery and it went well.  While waiting for the nerve block procedure, Kaitie had a visitor, Dr. Erron Kinsler.  Dr. Kinsler is the daughter of Kaitie’s 8th Grade Math teacher, Mike Kinsler.  After a short, pleaseant conversation with Dr. Kinsler, the folks from anesthesia came to get Kaitie ready.  The lead anesthesiologist was named…get this….Dr. Weed.  Here a shot of that process.

Nerve Block procedure

Ultra Sound placed Nerve Block by Dr. Finkle

After the Nerve Block, Kaitie was sleepy from the procedure. She went into the OR and we went out to wait. Two hours later, Dr. Warhold came out to let us know it was done and Kaitie was doing fine. We went to recovery and she was sitting up and ready to go….get something to eat!!

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